Sea level rise: “jumpy” after last ice age

Sea level rise: “jumpy” after last ice age. Anthony Watts thinks that a paper in Global and Planetary Change about sea-level changes 10,000 years ago, at the end of the last Ice Age when sea-level was rising rapidly, means that any rise in sea-level now, when natural sea-level fluctuations are minor, is also entirely expected. Therefore Anthony has a press release that proves that there is no man-made Global Warming.

If sea-level was jittery during periods of rapid rise then of course it can be jittery during periods of stability! After Global Warming Art.

Tempest in a teapot: International team of scientists describes swirling natural phenomena

Tempest in a teapot: International team of scientists describes swirling natural phenomena“. There’s nothing as quite as fun as making ignorant fun of scientists, is there Anthony? In this post Anthony Watts draws attention to scientists using swirling fluids to model vortices. How crazy is that?

Anthony only refers to a press release and chooses to illustrate his post with a photo of a tea-cup. His commenters continue the downward intellectual journey.

The actual paper in Physical Review Letters, titled Finite-Size Effects Lead to Supercritical Bifurcations in Turbulent Rotating Rayleigh-Bénard Convection, used laboratory cylinders to model circulation. From the press release:

Ahlers and his team discovered a new unexpected phenomenon that was not known before for turbulent flows like this.

The authors showed that their experimental findings are in keeping with a theoretical model similar to the one first developed by Vitaly Lazarevich Ginzburg and Lev Landau in the theory of superconductivity. That same model is also applicable to other areas of physics such as pattern formation and critical phenomena.

Oh Anthony, so quick to mock knowledge!

University of Colorado and NASA Research Center to Study Sun’s Effects on Earth’s Climate

University of Colorado and NASA Research Center to Study Sun’s Effects on Earth’s Climate“. Anthony Watts brings us exciting news about climate research. Because the Sun’s effect on the Earth’s climate has never been considered before!

Sorry, this post is just a one-liner. Well, now it’s two lines.

Ocean color affects tropical cyclone formation

Ocean color affects tropical cyclone formation. Another filler post from Anthony Watts, this time a press release from all the way back on 13 August about a NOAA paper titled “How ocean color can steer Pacific tropical cyclones“. I suppose this is fodder for the “them climate scientists don’t know a dang thing” file.

The climate modeling premise? “Greener” water absorbs more heat and heats the air above more, with the effect of pushing cyclones towards higher latitudes and increasing their energy. An interesting finding.

Study: Wind farms affect local surface temperatures

Study: Wind farms affect local surface temperatures. So Global Warming is all because of wind farms, Anthony? Good one. Actually the University of Illinois press release Anthony Watts found quantifies a slight local daytime cooling and nighttime warming due to wind turbines vertically mixing air layers.

Anthony finds the paper especially “interesting” because the late Dr. Steven Schneider, a dedicated opponent of climate change denialism, edited it. Why so interesting Anthony? Should Dr. Schneider have “re-framed” the paper to match his manipulative “post-normal” purpose? Maybe Anthony’s surprised that a scientist could simply follow the facts. It doesn’t happen much on his side of the fence.

Antarctic sea ice increase not linked to ozone hole

Antarctic sea ice increase not linked to ozone hole. Anthony Watts has discovered a two paragraph news report about a paper in Geophysical Research Letters titled “Has the ozone hole contributed to increased Antarctic sea ice extent?” Here’s the paper’s heart:

Contrary to expectations, our model simulates a year-round decrease in Antarctic sea ice due to stratospheric ozone depletion. The largest percentage sea ice decrease in our model occurs in the austral summer near the coast of Antarctica, due to a mechanism involving offshore Ekman sea ice transport.

Ooh, they’re talking about computer models! Anthony hates computer models, he’s totally going to tear them a new one! Wait, why is he as quiet as a church-mouse? This particular computer modeling happens to be useful to denialists, so it gets accepted unquestioningly.

The Antarctic ozone hole. From NASA Goddard Space Flight Center.

So which is right, this new climate model or the older ones that linked ozone depletion to increased Antarctic sea ice? Anthony doesn’t seem to care really, he just wants to shout that there is ‘no global warming.’

OH NO! Too much fresh water! (but we can’t tell)

OH NO! Too much fresh water! (but we can’t tell). Holy cow, Anthony Watts says that a news release from University of California, Irvine sort-of contradicts itself! You know what this means, don’t you – there is no Global Warming! He ponders – “Do these guys even read their own press releases? I want my California State taxes back.”

Apparently Anthony doesn’t read press releases either. He juxtaposes “study finds alarming increase” and “there is no global discharge measurement network” but seems incapable of understanding that the lack of a “measurement network” doesn’t mean that they aren’t able to measure something. This sentence slipped past Anthony’s incurious nose:

This paper uses satellite records of sea level rise, precipitation and evaporation to put together a unique 13-year record – the longest and first of its kind. (Emphasis mine)

So the news release title is “First-of-its-kind study finds alarming increase in flow of water into oceans.” They estimate that freshwater outflow has increased by 18% since 1994 and 2006. The authors clearly are ‘climate alarmists’ because they say:

“In general, more water is good,” Famiglietti said. “But here’s the problem: Not everybody is getting more rainfall, and those who are may not need it. What we’re seeing is exactly what the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change predicted – that precipitation is increasing in the tropics and the Arctic Circle with heavier, more punishing storms. Meanwhile, hundreds of millions of people live in semiarid regions, and those are drying up.”

Wasted food a huge energy gobbler

Wasted food a huge energy gobbler. Hard to argue with this press release that Anthony found: Wasted Food, Wasted Energy: The Embedded Energy in Food Waste in the United States. 2% of America’s energy consumption is due to food waste.

Still, it’s just another brainless Anthony Watts copy-and-paste job.

Booker: “anomalies” in Pachauri’s accounting

Booker: “anomalies” in Pachauri’s accounting. ‘Honest broker’ and denialist Christopher Booker’s latest fabricated attack of Dr. Pachauri in The Telegraph is an attempt to blow irrelevant accounting irregularities at a research institute into a new “-gate” crisis. Anthony Watts is naturally breathless with excitement, but restricts his intellectual contribution to a quick copy-and-paste.

No mention of the apology that The Telegraph had to issue over earlier fabrications about Dr. Pachauri by Booker.

Naturally, this all proves that there is no Global Warming.

Now it’s 2°C climate change target ‘not safe’

Now it’s 2°C climate change target ‘not safe’. Sorry, Anthony, who said that a 2°C rise in mean global temperature was “safe”? Not the climatologists. This is a political target reflecting the industrial inertia that must be overcome. Any artificial increase will have an impact. So a press release from the University of Exeter, based on a paper in the Journal of Quarternary Science saying as much, is hardly a shock.

But I guess it lets Anthony imply that the environmentalists are trying to shift the target so they can be even meaner.

The real message is not that “greenies” want to lower the target and make us live in caves, it’s that the targeted limit will have consequences more severe than has been anticipated:

Professor Turney said: “The results here are quite startling and, importantly, they suggest sea levels will rise significantly higher than anticipated and that stabilizing global average temperatures at 2˚C above pre-industrial levels may not be considered a ‘safe’ target as envisaged by the European Union and others. The inevitable conclusion is emission targets will have to be lowered further still.”