What really goes on at COP16 in Cancun

What really goes on at COP16 in Cancun“. Hey, there are amateur environmentalist PR events at the COP16 UN climate conference in Cancun! I though amateurs were the best scientists around. Why is Anthony sneering now?

Of course its politics that really motivate Anthony Watts’ readers, so they dig in with gusto.

Tempest in a teapot: International team of scientists describes swirling natural phenomena

Tempest in a teapot: International team of scientists describes swirling natural phenomena“. There’s nothing as quite as fun as making ignorant fun of scientists, is there Anthony? In this post Anthony Watts draws attention to scientists using swirling fluids to model vortices. How crazy is that?

Anthony only refers to a press release and chooses to illustrate his post with a photo of a tea-cup. His commenters continue the downward intellectual journey.

The actual paper in Physical Review Letters, titled Finite-Size Effects Lead to Supercritical Bifurcations in Turbulent Rotating Rayleigh-Bénard Convection, used laboratory cylinders to model circulation. From the press release:

Ahlers and his team discovered a new unexpected phenomenon that was not known before for turbulent flows like this.

The authors showed that their experimental findings are in keeping with a theoretical model similar to the one first developed by Vitaly Lazarevich Ginzburg and Lev Landau in the theory of superconductivity. That same model is also applicable to other areas of physics such as pattern formation and critical phenomena.

Oh Anthony, so quick to mock knowledge!

NSF grants $700,000 for theater production on climate change

NSF grants $700,000 for theater production on climate change. Tax money wasted on art? Outrageous. And on a topical subject that might accidentally trigger thinking? Art should distract, not stimulate, right Anthony? The New York Times has the whole awful story.

What was the National Science Foundation thinking? They’re “a federal agency that pays for science, engineering and mathematics research and education”! Oh. Education.

Anthony also reminds his readers that the IPCC Chair, Dr. Pachauri , wrote a novel. And he has long hair. Contemptible.

Delivering Messages Is Not Communicating

Delivering Messages Is Not Communicating. Thomas Fuller rambles on in an “op ed” guest post about how “they” are losing the battle of “messages”. “They” need over-dramatize because:

there really isn’t enough data to make a definitive case for the type of climate change the establishment needs to command immediate and decisive action. (emphasis mine)

Andrew Montford’s book The Hockey Stick Illusion? Not defeated by a blog! Hah! Stephen Schneider’s paper about the credibility of climate change authors? Somehow, libelous! Environmental videos featuring exploding children? In poor taste! (I’ll give you that one.) Hair-splitting denialist scientists like Lindzen, Spencer, Christy? Still splitting hairs!

But what is the denialist messaging, Thomas? Climategate fraud accusations – proven to be fabricated. Political and legal attacks on scientists – proven to be unjustifiable. Statistical evidence disputing global warming – proven to be misreprentative.

Your ‘message’ is one of insinuation about their motives. “Their” message is that denialists are provably lying. Pick a side.

Global Work Party Day on 10/10/2010: come up with your own event

Global Work Party Day on 10/10/2010: come up with your own event. Anthony Watts can’t out-argue climate scientists, so he tries to find easier pickings criticizing actor Ellen Page’s video in support of  350.org’s “Global Work Party Day”. And he still loses!


Anthony sneers at the idea that “sumo wrestlers in Japan will be biking” and seems to suggest that his supporters contribute facetious ideas for community environmental projects. I guess he’s sticking to “the high road.”

Quote of the Week – David Suzuki, a farce of nature

Quote of the Week – David Suzuki, a farce of nature. Anthony Watts is irritated that renowned Canadian biologist David Suzuki has the nerve to say that “we have joined God, powerful enough to influence these [hurricanes, tornadoes, floods, drought, forest fires, earthquakes, volcanic explosions] events.” Maybe he’s just alarmed that someone is stating the obvious: humanity’s actions can and do affect our weather and our climate. Never! It’s all natural!

Come on Anthony, you might well argue about the intensity of our influence, but you’re just being sullen if you try to deny it altogether with nothing but links to your own lame blog as evidence.

Rebuild California! Vote for your favorite Jerry Brown commercial idea

Rebuild California! Vote for your favorite Jerry Brown commercial idea. Anthony Watts seems to think that California candidate for Governor Jerry Brown is an evil librul who probably doesn’t care about Central Valley farmers. And those kooky Global Warming Solutions Act (Assembly Bill 23) defenders fussin’ about greenhouse gases are just going to end up with dusty solar panels! Get with the Texan industrial program and vote for Proposition 23!

Is he making fun of the submissions to Brown’s promotion of voter-submitted advertising ideas, or does he think his readers are perfect candidates to submit them?

An update on the plight of the Thompsons

An update on the plight of the Thompsons. Oh, the plight! The comedy of Anthony Watts’ sudden burning interest in an Australian farmer’s family continues. Why, oh why is there “no help from the usual [alarmist] suspects and their flocks”? (Oops, there goes “the high ground.” Again.) Are Anthony and his denialist friends the only people who care about ordinary people? Umm, perhaps its time for Anthony to come clean and admit that his topics and motivations are entirely political.

Maybe things aren’t going too well on the denialist front in spite of Anthony’s ever-louder declarations that victory is near. His much-loved Viscount Monckton has been rather brutally revealed as a dishonest buffoon, the deluded Virginia Attorney General Kenneth Cuccinelli’s harassment of climate scientists has been laughed out of court, the cherished Wegman Report has been dissected and shown to be puffed up nonsense full of incompetent plagiarism, misrepresentation and even old-fashioned padding. This little tempest is a good distraction.

Frankly, I have some sympathy for the “honest hardworking” Thompson family (that link’s a kook factory) but no opinion on the core issue of farming regulations. The fact that they have been taken up with such vigor by fanatical strangers is a pretty dodgy sign though. Tough luck, apparently, for the millions living in, say, Bangladesh. Wrong color? Wrong politics? Wrong religion?