A surprising change in the ‘eye roller’ public slogan of NOAA

A surprising change in the ‘eye roller’ public slogan of NOAA“. Anthony Watts takes note of an important change in the NOAA mission statement. What was once:

“NOAA understands and predicts changes in the Earth’s environment, from the depths of the ocean to the surface of the sun, and conserves and manages our coastal and marine resources.”

is now this:

“NOAA’s mission is to understand and predict changes in the Earth’s environment, from the depths of the ocean to the surface of the sun, and to conserve and manage our coastal and marine resources.”

Oohh, that’s the first crack in the armor for Anthony. They’re admitting that they don’t have perfect knowledge! Next they’ll be admitting that they made everything up all along!

My head is spinning, my world has been rocked.

New bear species discovered: Ursus Bogus

New bear species discovered: Ursus Bogus“. Anthony Watts claims he’s been “avoiding this photo issue” but he somehow manages to jump in with both feet. The denialists are outraged that the recent letter in Science about the political and personal attacks by denialists on climate scientists was printed with a photoshopped image of a polar bear on an ice floe. This is a deception!!!!! Damn those graphic artists!

iStockphoto.com is part of the conspiracy!

When you’ve got no real argument to make I guess you argue about nothing.


Conservamentalism“. Anthony Watts thinks that Willis Eschenbach dime-store ethics demonstrates a commendably virile approach to the environment.

It is not often that I turn a comment into a complete post, but this comment from Willis Eschenbach on the Trust and Mistrust article today, merits such a promotion. – Anthony

It seems Willis caught some flak in the comments from the “Tea Party” battalion for daring to express some “environmental” perspectives. How un-American.

Willis is quick to reassure every one of his manly credentials and propose a suitably red-blooded name for is perspective. No namby-pamby crying over sea pups for him. Kill what you eat, and eat your kill! He just wants to use resources efficiently.

Does Conservamentalism combine conservative with fundamentalism? No, conservation and environmentalism.

Big Bird meets Big Green

Big Bird meets Big Green“. Some YouTube science from Anthony Watts today. A vulture circles too close to a wind turbine in Crete and is struck. Wind turbines aren’t something that birds have an awareness of, but they share an interest in steady winds, especially up-drafts. I’ve also heard that bats may be drawn to them for some reason.

I guess this post demonstrates the soft, cuddly heart that beats inside even the sternest “skeptic”. That mean old wind turbine!

Chico’s new sustainable firefighting idea

Chico’s new sustainable firefighting idea“. Anthony Watts has a bug in his ear about fire hydrants in particular and municipal politics in general. The fact that local “Chico State University has a large sustainability group that tries to impose all sorts of experimental ideas on local citizens” undoubtably gets under his skin. These hydrants have a “sustainable” rationale, so they must be another experimental idea being imposed on the local citizens…

Naturally Anthony misrepresents the issue by posting a photo of a ‘low-flow’ hydrant with a garden hose attached by what is obviously an adapter for a standard fire-hose connection. Shades of the goofy surfacestations.org project?

Why does the "low-flow" hydrant have a garden hose?

I feel sorry for the Council Members, newspaper editors and Rotary Club members that he’s apparently been pestering.

Send in the toads to test for quakes

Send in the toads to test for quakes“. Note: This is apparently not an April Fools joke. Anthony Watts’ latest copy-and-paste shows that when it comes to scientific enlightenment, he turns to right-wing political pundits. In this case, Andrew Breitbart.

A surface station!

This post is about an apparently anecdotal report of animal behavior, toads in this case, acting as an indicator of impending seismic activity. Goofy.