WUWT Arctic Sea Ice News #9

WUWT Arctic Sea Ice News #9“. Steven Goddard declares that the topic for this Arctic Sea Ice News is “verification of data sources.” Why? Well a big change of focus is needed because this is what the NSIDC reports:

At the end of [May], extent fell near the level recorded in 2006, the lowest in the satellite record

So Steven talks about “concentration” instead of extend or volume, because that value is a little more ‘interpretable.’ He talks about Barrow, Alaska because the ice happens to be a bit thicker there. He talks about recent Arctic air temperatures. He keeps trying to promote the PIPS data because that also looks thicker.

Keep dancing, Steven, but we remember how you were crowing that Arctic Sea Ice Extent back in March was proof that the Arctic was recovering.

NSIDC 2010 Arctic Sea Ice Extent: an inconvenient truth.

Steven’s response to the clinical dismantling of his claims in the comments is to start talking about football (aka soccer) scores.

2 thoughts on “WUWT Arctic Sea Ice News #9

  1. I read the comments and got the view that quite a few of the WUWT bloggers are getting skeptical of Steve’s interpretations. Some of these are “trolls” from the regulars perspectives, but I got the impression that some regulars also are uncomfortable denying the mainstream data sources.

    [Yes, expressing an uncomfortable insight earns you the tag of “troll” on WUWT. But the whole Arctic Sea Ice thing is being spun in so many directions at once by Goddard that the more open-minded supporters are starting to baulk. – Ben]

  2. I love the Point Barrow distraction. If anyone actually goes to the Point Barrow web cam, there’s maybe 200 yards of shorefast ice, and then it’s blue water to the horizon.

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