Al Gore’s ‘drowning polar bear’ source reprimanded

Al Gore’s ‘drowning polar bear’ source reprimanded (2012-09-29). A lying scientist has been caught red-handed! We’ll get those guys, one at a time. That’s a check mark on the good guy’s side! No need to read further.

You can always count on Anthony Watts to baldly misrepresent the facts. To put this plainly, Dr. Charles Monnett was accused of corruption (helping a scientist apply for a grant) and scientific malpractice (reporting his observation of drowned polar bears). This appears driven largely by political irritation over how other information he disclosed “helped reveal that Bush administration Arctic offshore drilling reviews illegally suppressed adverse environmental consequences.” Also, his observations were mentioned in that Communist Al Gore’s filthy propaganda, An Inconvenient Truth.

After an incompetent investigation that focused obsessively on the irrelevant dead polar bears, Dr. Monnett was only “reprimanded” because he had “improperly disclosed internal government documents”. Isn’t that the kind of thing that Anthony has been demanding more of? Transparency, letting in the light, resisting persecution, citizen-science, etc.

As usual Anthony falsely holds his target to a higher standard than he could ever live up to. Dr. Monnett is just collateral damage in Anthony’s Gore-ophobia.

REPLY: The issue is mostly with Gore’s ridiculous claims, AGW had noting to do with the dead polar bear and a dead polar bear does not a trend make. Monnet didn’t speak out when Gore took his observation and turned into into a bogus sympathy pitch -Anthony

Here’s an enlightening quote from the Bureau of Ocean Energy Management press office that Anthony didn’t manage in include in his conveniently partial copy-and-paste of the Seattle Times article (this is called burying the lede):

A BOEM spokeswoman, Theresa Eisenman, said the findings in the report do not support a conclusion that the scientists involved engaged in “scientific misconduct.”

I note that Google Ads still sees Anthony’s readership as prime targets for Brain Training Games. Indeed, indeed.

17 thoughts on “Al Gore’s ‘drowning polar bear’ source reprimanded

  1. Yeah, from what I’ve read, it seems that Monet was simply given a slap for being a whistle blower.
    Given the recent observations of how much faster the sea ice is melting, than previously predicted; and how soon the Arctic may be ice free in summer, claims that polar bears will be okay look more and more like desparate clutching at straws.

    • Watts is currently banging on about the Antarctic ice being at a record maximum. Is it? Has he got his facts wrong? According to NOAA data, all time Antarctic sea ice extent record was set on Sept 22nd, 2012

      [Anthony Watts changing the topic is as close as you’ll get to an admission of defeat. This new topic is classic example of denialists harping on an isolated fact that doesn’t follow the blindingly obvious true climate trend. Try this post on Open Mind: Poles Apart. – Ben]

      • Thanks for the link. Is there a plot somewhere of the total volume of ice (land and sea, arctic and antarctic) for each month from 1980 to present? If you showed that then people could not say: Oh, but the other one is compensating or, oh, you only looked at the sea ice… etc…

        I guess what you want is not the volume or extent but the total heat content of the ice. Then people cannot say that there is less ice, but it is piled higher, or there is less ice, but it is colder ice. etc…

        Also, when ice melts the temperature does not change (latent heat), so maybe you could argue that the lack of recent observed rise in global temperature is due to the extra energy changing the state of the ice rather than the temperature of the system. In which case, if all the ice disappears then we could expect a much faster rise in temperature.

        Is there a comparison of the rate of change of amount of ice to previous end-of-ice-age to show that it is unprecedented?

        [Holy cow, the gears are starting to turn! – Ben]

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  3. Apparently the sleuths at WUWT have figured out my true identity is William Connolley (or as they call him “William Connelly”. My disguise is lifted!

    It must be killing them that Monnett has been exonerated and no scientific misconduct was found. The last thing they want to talk about is what the reprimand was actually for, since it ultimately puts BOEM in a bad light.

    [Such ignorant, resentful, responses to your comments. WUWT comments at their “best” If Anthony had even a lick of sense he’d be mortified by the quality of his admirers. – Ben]

    • Can’t have no mentioning of “whistleblower”! After all, they still are certain, certain I say!, that the CRU hack was an inside “whistleblower” who is their eternal hero…

  4. Watts has a post up on Hadley Cell expansion – he is getting huffy that posters just don’t have his deep knowledge of the positive water feedback issue – sadly, his own background is sadly, sadly lacking. Several posters try to point out that the title of the post (AGW doesn’t increase water vapor) and the body of the post (Hadley cells expanding) don’t match. Anthony responds:

    “So if positive water vapor feedback were occurring, based on this idea, we’d see an “intensification of the hydrologic cycle”, i.e. more rainfall, runoff, and evaporation. That would apply to the souther hemisphere continents too.” and “This is where I was coming from, which I thought would be obvious to anyone who’s been following the positive water vapor feedback issue for any length of time.”

    Basically, Hadley Cell expansion is a standard prediction of climate models – see the National Academies Climate Stabilization Targets assessment, Figure 4.6 on page 115 for predicted precipitation changes. The NAS report shows that in a warmer climate, Australia, southern Africa, and southern South America are all drying in climate model simulations – the same simulations that show an increased water vapor feedback. This particular study has observed MORE expansion than predicted – the typical “it is worse than we thought” study, except that Watts can’t even recognize the implications. He does, eventually, blunder into a “oh, this just shows the models are wrong” which is a more defensible (if still dumb) argument…

  5. Both commenter Smokey and Mod dbs seem to be missing from WTFUWT in recent weeks. Do you think Willard Anthony got a conscience or just scared that he’s going to be seen to be an even bigger hypocrite?

  6. Check out willards “Gore invests in Pam oil nonsense Ben

    gore has invested in jatropha, grown on wasteland not in cleared rainforest
    the f[***]wit even has a picture of Jatropha misrepresented as a palm oil plant


  7. I would like to leave a comment but can’t read your post clearly – please give up the white on black background! [See “Why light text on dark background is a bad idea”]

  8. For the record, now in Watts’ intray

    Did you know that

    – Blog policy here is that Internet phantoms who have cryptic handles, no name, and no real email address get no respect here. If you think your opinion or idea is important, elevate your status by being open and honest. People that use their real name get more respect than phantoms with handles. I encourage open discussion.


    – Virulent and outspoken poster ‘Smokey’ and moderator db stealey, both uncharacteristically silent over recent weeks, share the same Gravatar

    and thus Watts the sockpuppetmaster is perhaps the biggest hypocrite currently publishing on the internet?

    Post this or censor it – your choice……

    [Expecting a miracle? :-) – Ben]

  9. An anti-Anthony Watts website?…Bwaaahhhaaa…you are sick people…do something positive instead of hanging on to coattails…sheesh…

    [I think calling attention to Watts’ deceit and misrepresentation is very positive although not particularly pleasant. Anthony has slime trails, not coattails. – Ben]

  10. Hello Ben , just wondering why you’re not updating the site , you are doing such a wonderful job on A W. Do you have any comments on Meglomaniac Mann claiming he won the Nobel prize, hes a prize plonker isn’t he. Why not start a blog exposing him , I’m sure you ,d get some followers then

    [You don’t think Anthony and company haven’t tried hard enough, and yet pathetically failed, to dig up dirt on Dr. Mann? The best you can do is to pretend to swallow Marc Morano’s lie that Mann had faked up a Nobel Peace Prize certificate! Perhaps you only saw the first allegation and chose to ignore any responses. – Ben]

  11. Ben it seems you are the one who has blinkers on. How can Mann claim to have been awarded something then be shot down by the Nobel committee themselves, yet you are accusing me of swallowing lies.
    Never mind that , why has there been no warming for at least sixteen years? Why is it that educated people like yourself refuse to admit you are wrong. Where is the consensus of thousands agreeing with AGw turns out its only a handfulwho believe the bullshit.
    Is this the reason you are not updating your blog? Trying to slink off in the backround eh!

    [Your grammar is a good match for your logic. Like Anthony you’re just a dullard regurgitating debunked lies, although even Anthony seems to have steered clear of political operative Marc Morano’s latest flier. Since you obviously didn’t read the link I provided, let me summarize for you: The IPCC received the Nobel Peace Prize. The IPCC sent certificates of thanks to key contributors. Dr. Mann displays his. Denialists have tried to twist this into a new faux outrage. Yawn.

    Now here’s some links about the stupid “no warming for at least sixteen years” assertion making the rounds yet again. Met Office in the Media: 14 October 2012. Why the Mail on Sunday was wrong to claim global warming has stopped. Temperature “analysis” by David Rose doesn’t smell so sweet. Flatly wrong global warming denial. There’s no intellectual challenge to debunking Anthony Watts or yourself. All that’s required is a truly skeptical mind, Google, and a willingness to waste a bit of time.- Ben]

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