A reply to Senator Menendez from Santa

A reply to Senator Menendez from Santa. Har, har. Two days before Christmas, Anthony Watts delights in an insulting joke response from Santa, recycled from a 1974 letter from the Cleveland Browns, to Democratic Senator Robert Menendez’s “Letter to Santa” on Huffinton.com.

Compelling denialist argument, or thuggish frat house “hijinks”? Same thing really.

ABC interview wrongly torches skeptic position

ABC interview wrongly torches skeptic position. Does Anthony Watts really think that denialists fighting in “the cause of climate skepticism” accept that “both CO2 and CH4 are “greenhouse gases”, and yes they do have a warming effect by backscattered long wave infra red“? Guess he doesn’t read his blog’s comments. Wait he does, compulsively and passive-aggressively. Anthony’s only other contribution here is to helpfully provide e-mail addresses that can be bombarded.

The reposted ‘concern troll’ complaint by Canadian denialist Tom Harris maintains that Australia’s ABC Radio Science Show interview with Bob Ward from the Grantham Research Institute on Climate Change and the Environment was too soft by half. (Funny how these guys manage to be on top of such distant matters and have their posts pop up in so many places at once.)

Harris thinks the interviewer should have asked a juicy leading question like “which is more important – the health and welfare of people suffering today, or those not yet born who might suffer someday due to climate change that even you admit is highly uncertain?” I think what he really wants to say is “why should I have to do anything I don’t want to when the effects will only be felt after I’m dead”. I’d be surprised to see a libertarian or Republican tenaciously fighting to improve the lives of anyone other than themselves.

The rest of the post is mere high-school rhetoric and deliberate misrepresentation (try to find the “vilification [of] Professors Carter, Lindzen and Plimer” that Harris claims). There’s something about denialists that compels them to recreate public debates in their minds and explain to themselves how they were really won them.

I love Harris’ embrace of eyeballed temperature trends “showing” negative temperature trends since 2002 though. What happened to “1998 was the hottest year”? Keep the cups moving Tom, keep ’em moving.

Mann’s old University gets another subpoena

Mann’s old University gets another subpoena. Anthony Watts is a bit muted on the topic of Virginia Attorney General Ken Cuccinelli’s attempt to restart his deeply ill-advised “investigation” of Professor Michael Mann over some of the grants he received while at the University of Virginia. On the one hand, he loves to see climate scientists being harassed. On the other, Cuccinelli’s clearly way out of his depth and jurisdiction.

But Anthony does have the energy to repost what the denialist lobbyists at the Science and Public Policy Institute are saying about it, and his commenters have no problem waxing ignorant, rattling on about “taxpayer’s money”, “hiding evidence”, etc.

The ethics, politics and legality of Cuccinelli’s maneuverings have all been covered before, both on this website and at other important places such as Real Climate, Andrew Revkin at the New York Times, the Washington Post (1, 2), even USA Today.

Short version? This is morally and intellectually bankrupt Tea Party harassment.

The 10:10 Splattergate goes “sploot” – a roundup

The 10:10 Splattergate goes “sploot” – a roundup. We get it Anthony, the 10:10 video was a bad idea and various environmental groups are dissociating themselves from it.

But can you explain why failing to cling tenaciously to a dumb idea is a bad thing? I know that truculence is an admired quality in the denialist community, but those of us with more limber brains are actually quite likely to respond rationally to events like this.

By the way, I know you embrace the dumbed-down use of “-gate” on every accusation you can make up, but the stupid is starting to get a bit obvious. Leave it for political or business conspiracies or allegations of the same.

White House science advisor Holdren’s climate slide show at Kavli

White House science advisor Holdren’s climate slide show at Kavli. Oh noes! A White House science advisor gives a speech on the topic of climate change intended for the public and doesn’t use 3,000 footnotes! I guess he didn’t learn anything from the example of the Wegman Report. Anthony Watts has him dead to rights, John Holdren’s generalized statements will never survive Anthony’s micro-nit-picking.

John Holdren’s Keynote Address to the 2010 Kavli Prize Science Forum.

Remember when the White House could be counted on to do The Right Thing? You know, muzzling NASA climate scientists, editing EPA reports to conform with political agendas, etc. The good old days, right Anthony?

Steve McIntyre – one of the top 50 people who matter

Steve McIntyre – one of the top 50 people who matter. Surprise, surprise. The Daily Telegraph’s resident denialist James Delingpole notes that although the New Statesman says that Steven McIntyre’s “influence might not be positive” he’s still had an ‘impact’.

Delingpole, and of course Anthony Watts, thinks that McIntyre’s one hell of a dude. Delingpole is sure the entire world agrees because the online comments at the New Statesman article almost universally declare McIntyre to be saintly. Apparently Delingpole has never seen a forum swarmed by denialists…

McIntyre’s real contribution seems to be showing how harassing scientists whose evidence you wish you could discard, trying mightily to magnify inconsequential errors, fixating on perceived slights and generally complaining can be turned into a decade of attention.

I spotted an amusing comment on Anthony’s blog: “What’s great about Steve is that he has absolutely no stake in the matter, save the desire to see something done correctly.” If Steven has “no stake in the matter” why has he never, ever, criticized any of the swarm of poorly argued and statistically flawed papers that the denialists keep hoping will suddenly defeat the AGW evidence?

Rebuild California! Vote for your favorite Jerry Brown commercial idea

Rebuild California! Vote for your favorite Jerry Brown commercial idea. Anthony Watts seems to think that California candidate for Governor Jerry Brown is an evil librul who probably doesn’t care about Central Valley farmers. And those kooky Global Warming Solutions Act (Assembly Bill 23) defenders fussin’ about greenhouse gases are just going to end up with dusty solar panels! Get with the Texan industrial program and vote for Proposition 23!

Is he making fun of the submissions to Brown’s promotion of voter-submitted advertising ideas, or does he think his readers are perfect candidates to submit them?