500,000 km2 Discrepancy Between NSIDC and NORSEX

500,000 km2 Discrepancy Between NSIDC and NORSEX“. More confusion from Steve Goddard. NSIDC is clearly falsifying the Arctic Sea Ice Extent data because their trend is different from the ArcticROOS one (NORSEX)! It’s lower and dropping faster. This is ‘conclusively’ proven by taking the Sea Ice Extent graphs published by the two agencies and distorting them with a graphics editor.

Um, the two agencies define Sea Ice Extent differently.

Steven seem to think he can draw meaningful conclusions from squeezing and stretching JPG files in Photoshop. That just about sums up his scientific contribution.

2 thoughts on “500,000 km2 Discrepancy Between NSIDC and NORSEX

  1. Maybe WUWT’s two-dimensional focus is in anticipation of a coming September without Arctic polar ice. 2013 remains a possibility.
    They could be setting up a ‘recovery’ meme for the following winter.

    Hot Topic discusses the third dimension, and the regularly updated PIOMAS ‘Arctic Ice Volume Anomaly and Trend’ graph at:


  2. Time to for one more conspiracy before the decline sets in…WUWT forgetting about Arctic sea ice extent starts in 10,9,8…

    [Ah, the eternal sunshine of the spotless mind! – Ben]

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