Five years of “An Inconvenient Truth”

Five years of “An Inconvenient Truth” (May 24th, 2011). Anthony Watts wears his fingers down to tiny nubs hammering out Yet-Another-Criticism-of-An_Inconvenient_Truth, this time a true opus:

Executive Summary: Science Fiction

After-all Julia A. Seymour of the Business and Media Institute (staff of four) says so. And if you can’t trust an organization devoted solely to analyzing and exposing the anti-free enterprise culture of the media then who can you trust? No-one, that’s who.

Denialist fixation with Al Gore and his documentary film has been both obsessive and compulsive since the first screening of the Oscar-winning documentary, and five years on it’s still “inconvenient”. Denialists have leveled every insinuation and nit-pick they can, but it still stands unbowed. As a rational person though I have to say “so what?” Even if it was proven beyond a doubt that it was filmed on the same soundstage as the Apollo Moon Landings, the abundant evidence and knowledge that supports scientific concern over Global Warming will remain. An Inconvenient Truth is simply a popular presentation of that concern.

So what do we find in 5 Years After: Networks Celebrate Al Gore’s ‘Inconvenient Truth,’ Ignore Scientific Flaws, Criticism? A sullen regurgitation of denialist attempts to undermine a popular documentary and teach them scientists a thing or two. Empty-headed gum-flapping. Here’s a few highlights:

  • Personal attacks on Al “Apocalypse Al” Gore as a “movie star”, etc.
  • Allegations that Gore predicted 20 ft sea-level rise by 2010 (he didn’t).
  • Climate Depot’s “lengthy list of more than 1,000 scientists who dissent in some way from those claims” (classic fake survey).
  • The claim that Gore’s “mentor” oceanographer Roger Revelle had “second thoughts” about CO2 and climate change late in life (misrepresenting a dead man. Read his own words).
  • Accusations that the media buried a High Court of London ruling that there were “nine significant errors” in AIT (but primarily ruled that it was clear that the film was substantially founded upon scientific research and fact).
  • Climategate!
  • A pitch for next month’s Heartland Institute conference on “Restoring the Scientific Method.”

“Gore effect” strikes Cancun Climate Conference 3 days in a row

“Gore effect” strikes Cancun Climate Conference 3 days in a row. Anthony Watts thinks a dumb political remark by the “skeptical” Dr. Roy Spencer, in Cancun on a political mission for a lobbying group (CFACT), is worth noting. Does Dr. Spencer really think that the possible secret presence of Al Gore is triggering a cold spell in Cancun?

I thought that “skeptics” were adamant that scientists should keep out of politics, but apparently the goose and the gander get different sauces after-all.

Visualizing the entire 2010 Atlantic hurricane season in one image

Visualizing the entire 2010 Atlantic hurricane season in one image. Anthony Watts copy and pastes a NOAA visualization of all of 2010’s North Atlantic hurricanes to feed his reader’s need to complain about them durn scientists. And Al Gore.

The hurricane visualization Al Gore should have used?

Friday Funny – Surreal Climate #5

Friday Funny – Surreal Climate #5“. Anthony Watts posts a cartoon by “Josh” showing Al Gore and notable climate scientists in Cancun saying the everything they’ve said for the last decade was wrong. Now that’s hilarious satire! Or desperate wish-fulfilment.

Gore cleared in masseuse case

Gore cleared in masseuse case. Is Anthony Watts clearing the air on yet another attempt to besmirch politician and environmentalist Al Gore, or is he taking the opportunity to remind his readers that ‘the alGore’ is evil, evil, EVIL?

This kind of post is just another sign that Anthony Watts’ blog is propelled by partisan right-wing anger and not by objective scientific interest.

Bizzarothink in Goreville

Bizzarothink in Goreville“. Anthony Watts tries to accuse Al Gore of hypocrisy. Gore writes “Stop Censoring News From The Gulf” but won’t let the press attend a conference keynote speech! Oh, snap!

Is there a difference between a public national crisis and a private speech? Well, maybe.

Gore’s new venture – ‘Crowdsourced TV’

Gore’s new venture – ‘Crowdsourced TV’“. Al Gore does something! Anthony Watts and his readers are boringly predictable in their knee-jerk response, starting of course with the “inventor of the internet” urban legend. I suppose I could just stop there really.

Anthony belittles Gore’s planned YouTube-like venture, declares everything Gore has done is a failure, and posts a YouTube video that mocks “crowdsourcing”. But isn’t that the only thing that denialist leaders do; coax as many people as possible to join their ignorant chorus?

Al Gore says “Denialists in Denial”

Al Gore says “Denialists in Denial”. Anthony Watts shows what a big man he is by comparing himself to Al Gore (or “Al, Baby” as he respectfully calls him). Apparently WUWT has a higher “rank” than does according to These kinds of web statistics are widely understood as meaningless, especially when comparing websites with different purposes such as Anthony’s frenzied argument and Gore’s policy-orientation.

Of course most of Al Gore’s activity is through altogether separate websites such as The Alliance for Climate Protection, The Climate Project, Live Earth and An Inconvenient Truth. He’s also read nation-wide and a popular public speaker. But Anthony’s paranoid-obsessive readers give him way more “hits”.

Anthony’s adolescent outburst is a lame attempt to move the focus away from both Al Gore’s criticism of denialist Richard Lindzen’s dishonest op-ed in the Wall Street Journal and Gore’s link to The Atlantic’s Marc Ambinder dismantling of the same.