Quote of the Week – Total Ecplise of the Moonbat

Quote of the Week – Total Ecplise of the Moonbat. Right-wing libertarian blogger Richard North pontificates that any cold weather anywhere is proof that there is no Global Warming and that George Monbiot is somehow foolish, stupid and loathsome for not understanding that. Giving him a mocking nickname, “Moonbat”, certainly caps the argument.

Anthony Watts’ nomination of EU Referendum as a well-argued denialist website is deeply educational… Yeah, nothing like cherry-picking weather news reports to try to dismantle a journalist’s climate story. It definitely proves that the mainstream climatologists are scheming liars!

Climate Craziness Cools In Cancun

Climate Craziness Cools In Cancun“. Another irrelevant weather observation from the world’s most simple-minded TV weatherman, Anthony Watts. It’s only 80°F in Cancun! And the Washington Times (you know, the right-wing paper owned by the Moonies with a circulation of 37,000 in a city of 6,600,000) is sure nothing will be accomplished.

Thanks for the expert insights, Anthony.

NYT’s sort-of-clarity on Norfolk sinking aka “sea level rise” and an inconvenient map

NYT’s sort-of-clarity on Norfolk sinking aka “sea level rise” and an inconvenient map. Anthony Watts and friends complain about a newspaper article. Thus disproving Global Warming.

The New York Times article lays the rising sea-level part of the equation a bit too thickly, but Anthony wants his readers to think that climate scientists have only one biased explanation for sea-level changes. In fact, subsidence is just one of the well-known factors in local sea-level change.

Climate Craziness of the Week: NW Passage open “first time in history” and all that…

Climate Craziness of the Week: NW Passage open “first time in history” and all that… Anthony Watts fires before aiming yet again. Apparently the archaeologists finding the British naval ship HMS Investigator proves that the Northwest Passage was navigable back in the 1850’s. Therefore, there has been no Global Warming. Or, it’s all natural. Both are good.

HMS Investigator sailing the open Northwest Passage? Source: Wikimedia

Years ago I visited the site where the ships the Griper and Hecla spent the winter of 1820 ice-bound off Melville Island, within sight of the western end of the Northwest Passage. Here are two reading comprehension pointers for Anthony’s.

  • The HMS Investigator was stuck in the ice for two years before the crew abandoned it.
  • The wreckage was easily discovered this year because the sea ice has melted away from the search area.

So how is this “Climate Craziness”? Oh, by the way, the claim that this “shows Arctic Sea Ice conditions similar to 1853″ is just another denialist blogger making things up.

New Dogs; IPCC tricks

New Dogs; IPCC tricks“. Steven Mosher tries to tie the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change to a Fox News report, titled “Experts Say White House ‘Misrepresented’ Views to Justify Drilling Moratorium“. On what basis? Well none really, other than the fact that Steven doesn’t like either of ’em.

Thanks for the science.

Was Margaret Thatcher the first climate sceptic?

Was Margaret Thatcher the first climate sceptic?” When a newspaper article title ends with a question mark, it means that they want you to believe their headline but can’t get away with stating it directly. Steven Mosher links to a right-wing Telegraph article by Christopher Booker that tries to juggle his love of the union-bashing, argy-crushing “Iron Lady” with their need to fight blindly against the government intervention that they associate with Global Warming. She was tricked into voicing alarm over global warming!

Fortunately for denialists, as she has aged and her intellectual powers have diminished she’s subsided back into reflexive right-wing mutterings on environmental issues.”natural factors such as solar activity”, “beneficial effects”, “anti-capitalist, Left-wing political agenda”. Yay?

Of course the alternate explanation is that her global warming concern was merely a political weapon to be used against the then-powerful coal miner’s unions. Similarly the current opposition to global warming is a political weapon to try to inhibit government regulation.

‘Hockey stick’ graph was exaggerated – McIntyre gets props

‘Hockey stick’ graph was exaggerated – McIntyre gets props“. Anthony Watts pastes an article from the noted denialist newspaper The Telegraph entitled ‘Hockey stick’ graph was exaggerated. “Exaggerated” being their way of edging around the fact that the ‘hockey stick’ has still not been disproved. Dr. Mann’s out-dated (but influential) 1998 paper has of course been reproduced with improved data and methods since then.

Professor Hand is head of the Royal Statistical Society and apparently praised climate curmudgeon Steve McIntyre for “uncovering the fact that inappropriate methods were used which could produce misleading results” (emphasis mine). Pretty thin gruel, because the results have actually proven correct.

No mention of the Oxburgh Report’s description of Steve McIntyre as “selective and uncharitable“.

More denialist Fail from Anthony: the top graph is global, the bottom one just "europe". Can you can spot the other two obvious boners?