“Zombie” satellite shuts down critical NOAA NWS systems overnight

“Zombie” satellite shuts down critical NOAA NWS systems overnight. A satellite malfunction triggered a temporary loss of satellite weather forecasting data, but a work-round is in place. Now weather forecasting is something Anthony Watts actually knows a little about!

Too bad, but not surprising, that his contribution is just to whine about how his inquiries weren’t answered fast enough.

Where the particulates are (and aren’t)

Where the particulates are (and aren’t). NASA posts a press release (New Map Offers a Global View of Health-Sapping Air Pollution) about an estimate of the global distribution of fine particulate matter, and talks about efforts to assess the health risks these particles pose. Anthony Watts decides it’s all just dust (natural!).

Global Particulate Matter (<2.5μm) Distribution

Satellite-derived map of particulate matter (<2.5μm) distribution averaged over 2001-2006. Source: Dalhousie University.

Donkelaar and Randall Martin published Global Estimates of Ambient Fine Particulate Matter Concentrations from Satellite-Based Aerosol Optical Depth: Development and Application in Environmental Health Perspectives. They combined data from the Multi-angle Imaging SpectroRadiometer (MISR) on NASA’s Terra satellite and the Moderate Resolution Imaging Spectroradiometer (MODIS) instrument on both NASA’s Aqua and Terra satellites.

Why the random grousing about random NASA research, Anthony? Just some kind of reflexive urge? The commenters join in with a chorus of “scare tactics!”

NOAA GOES weather satellite communications at risk due to proposed FCC spectrum auction

NOAA GOES weather satellite communications at risk due to proposed FCC spectrum auction“. Anthony Watts is up in arms over a plan by the FAA to redistribute (lease) frequencies used by several weather satellite systems. Ominous conspiracy theories abound in the comments.

Spencer on Earth’s missing energy

Spencer on Earth’s missing energy“. Dr. Roy Spencer draws a horizontal line through three years of satellite radiation observations and comes to the scientific conclusion that the difference between incoming and outgoing radiation means that the Earth is cooling. Take that Global Warming, you’ve been defeated by charts!

Well if you know what you want to find its easy to find it…