Hurricanes and global warming – still no connection

Hurricanes and global warming – still no connection. Yep, the tripling of loss-relevant weather events over the past 30 years is just coincidence to Anthony Watts. After-all, denialist economist Roger Pielke Jr. can explain it all away with just the merest jiggering of his arbitrary cost analysis! It will be decades before these storms get really destructive, if you ignore sea-level rise. Thus disproving Global Warming.

Funny, Roger sang a different tune back in 2006 when he said “Clearly, since 1970, climate change has shaped the disaster loss record.”

Anthony’s typically trivial contribution is to mutter about photoshopping in magazine articles and on book covers, and link to his own “definitive” past coverage of the subject. If you want to step back from the hurricane strawman, Skeptical Science says:

“It is unclear whether global warming is increasing hurricane frequency out there but there is increasing evidence that warming increases hurricane intensity”.

Anthony and Roger’s scientific nemesis Joe Romm (in the sense that Joe is a scientist) at Climate Progress says,

So one thing you can safely say about a hurricane damage analysis study: Its conclusions should not be generalized into broader conclusions about the impact of climate change on extreme weather.

So, what’s the deal? Just more denialist smoke.

Time Magazine and Global Warming

Time Magazine and Global Warming. Anthony Watts shows three Time Magazine covers about Global Warming, only two of which are real. Now that’s comedy!

Is the real message this though: “Skeptics”! Pay attention!

  • 1977 was one of the “cold” years. You know, when there were 7 scientific papers predicting global cooling. (And 42 scientific papers predicting global warming.) Pay attention!
  • 2001 was when the 1998 temperature record was still fresh in journalist’s minds. Pay attention!
  • 2010 is the hottest year on record globally and yet snowfall is high. How could that be? Maybe because more evaporation over warmer (regardless of cause) oceans means more precipitation over land. You know, what goes up, must come down. Pay attention!
So did those evil social engineers decide that their alarmism should be about Global Cooling instead of Global Warming in the ’70’s? Did scientists predict an impending ice age in the 1970’s? You could always start at Wikipedia or Skeptical Science and figure it out yourself.

USA record lows outpace record highs 19 to 1 this week

USA record lows outpace record highs 19 to 1 this week. Anthony Watts wants you to think that “snow” (somewhere) equals “cold” (everywhere) and therefore Global Warming is a fraud. His convincing evidence? One week of US data.

In 2009 Gerald Meehl published a report in ScienceDaily that the denialists have tried to undercut ever since titled Record High Temperatures Far Outpace Record Lows Across US. He used 60 years of data.

60 years beats seven days. Source: ScienceDaily.

The last paragraph in Anthony’s post shows that he knows his headline was not only misrepresentative but also only momentarily accurate (italics mine):

*Note: some people clicking on the interactive map will see different numbers, since that map will record new highs and lows as this post ages. The headline was originally based on 16 highs during the week (see the highs map for a ratio of 21 to 1) then by the time the post editing was completed and the post made, the number of highs was up to 18, giving an 18.6 to 1 (~19 to 1 in the title) ratio. Later in the day the number of record highs in the one week period increased as new weather occurred (on Dec 31) and reports came in. The numbers were accurate at the time the post started. Weather records, like weather itself are dynamic with the forward moving one week period the interactive map generator uses, so please don’t assume error if you click on the interactive map and the numbers don’t match now, or in the future. – Anthony

“Gore Effect” on Steroids: Six straight days of record low temperatures during COP16 in Cancun Mexico – more coming

“Gore Effect” on Steroids: Six straight days of record low temperatures during COP16 in Cancun Mexico – more coming. Anthony Watts says “The irony, it burns.” because of cold weather in Cancun during the UN climate conference.

I’ll just say that Anthony’s obstinate stupidity burns more.

Monckton’s Mexican Missive #2

Monckton’s Mexican Missive #2“. Denialist blowhard Lord Monckton, rattling around the UN climate conference in Cancun waiting for supplicants to seek out his guidance, provides another rambling “report” about how everyone at the Conference is stupid. And evil. And mean. And blindly “religious.” And demoralized. And conspiring. The list seems endless. Anthony Watts gives it all his seal of approval.

And yet this unsupported repetition of a wide list of debunked denialist claims and allegations of conspiracy, along with a random political broadsides and references to his dinner menu, are all we get from the leading “intellectual” of the denialist movement… What a train-wreck.

Monckton reaches his pinnacle of cleverness when he encourages people to call the “wicked” IPCC the “ipecac”. Oh, if we use the name of syrup of ipecac instead of their real name no one will take them seriously! They’ll just think of throwing up! Oh you are by far the cleverest guy in Grade Three and your readers are, tellingly, quivering with delight.

Weekly Climate and Energy News Roundup

Weekly Climate and Energy News Roundup“. Anthony Watts posts an communiqué from the Science and Environmental Policy Project lobbyists. Strangely, the only scientists they mention are Roy Spencer and Richard Lindzen, both deeply compromised denialists. The rest of the post is a careful selection of “news” that blindly promotes denialist interests. Oh, and the Cancun climate conference is going to be such a failure.

I guess this is the price of getting your high school projects so neatly bound Anthony.

More satellite images of snow-bound UK

More satellite images of snow-bound UK“. Thanks Anthony. Snow! That’s it for Global Warming, huh?


It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas!


But you forgot to exclude the truth in the press release you copy-and-pasted:

Professor John Remedios, Head of Earth Observation Science at the University of Leicester, said “These images demonstrate how much our local climate depends on a combination of the climate mean temperature in a given month and the meteorological variability which can produce very cold and very warm months. For the UK, it is another cold winter.”

I doubt his readers got that far in though, or have strong mental defense mechanisms…

A Year After Climategate, The Corruption Of Science Persists

A Year After Climategate, The Corruption Of Science Persists“. Here’s a surprisingly fresh insight (not). Anthony Watts copy-and-pastes the first few paragraphs of a blog article from the denialist “Global Warming Policy Foundation” website about Climategate. You remember the fabricated denialist scandal that has been repeatedly debunked, don’t you?

Benny Peiser solemnly reports that a year after Climategate “science” is still “corrupt”.

He mentions “pal review”, “alarmist propaganda”, “Soviet Union”, and “the basic science is nonexistent”. Get the picture?

Why do I keep imagining a bunch of chickens running around with their heads cut off? Lots of activity, but no progress. And yet somehow there’s still a lot of squawking.

UK Covered in snow, for the second winter

UK Covered in snow, for the second winter“. Well this is predictable; Anthony Watts will spend all winter shouting that any snowfall, anywhere, proves there is no Global Warming. Here’s an exciting chapter to keep the ignorant focused.

The UK is covered in snow! Well, dusted. Do you think Anthony knows that precipitation increases with temperature and snow is… precipitation? Of course he does.

You’d think that Anthony would cue in to the laughter behind his back, but his tunnel vision sees only the bobbing “skeptical” heads in front of him.