During Cancun COP16 – calls for a return to WWII style rationing

During Cancun COP16 – calls for a return to WWII style rationing“. Anthony Watts loves to suggest that climate scientists want to install a World Government, tell Americans what to do, and make them live in caves. He finds an article in the Telegraph that lets him take this idea out for another ride around the block. Scientists want to start rationing! And Al Gore will be on the gas vouchers! Or something.

Hmmm. Dr. Kevin Anderson wrote an article in a special report by the Philosophical Transactions of the Royal Society that discusses the ineffectiveness of current Global Warming mitigation efforts, and the options for improving mitigation efforts.

From a mitigation perspective, the gap between the scientific and policy understanding of the challenge needs urgently to be addressed.

Where’s the “rationing”?

Kilimanjaro’s snow – it’s about land use change, tree cutting

Kilimanjaro’s snow – it’s about land use change, tree cutting. Anthony Watts thinks that denialists are the only ones who know that the decline in snow on Kilimanjaro is not because of AGW. It’s because of “changes in local land-use”! Wait, wouldn’t that mean it’s “anthropogenic”?

I don’t think a scientific case was ever been made that the retreating ice on Kilimanjaro is due to rising global temperatures, but Anthony keeps trying to pin it on. It’s also a chance to release some Al Gore venom, which must have accumulated painfully for Anthony. Looks like Al Gore was wrong, the warming that is melting Kilimanjaro’s snow cap is regional, not global.

This particular endlessly repeated complaint aside, An Inconvenient Truth has withstood legal challenge. The attempted one-sided rebuttal, The Great Global Warming Swindle, didn’t fare so well.

Gore cleared in masseuse case

Gore cleared in masseuse case. Is Anthony Watts clearing the air on yet another attempt to besmirch politician and environmentalist Al Gore, or is he taking the opportunity to remind his readers that ‘the alGore’ is evil, evil, EVIL?

This kind of post is just another sign that Anthony Watts’ blog is propelled by partisan right-wing anger and not by objective scientific interest.

Bizzarothink in Goreville

Bizzarothink in Goreville“. Anthony Watts tries to accuse Al Gore of hypocrisy. Gore writes “Stop Censoring News From The Gulf” but won’t let the press attend a conference keynote speech! Oh, snap!

Is there a difference between a public national crisis and a private speech? Well, maybe.

Gore’s new venture – ‘Crowdsourced TV’

Gore’s new venture – ‘Crowdsourced TV’“. Al Gore does something! Anthony Watts and his readers are boringly predictable in their knee-jerk response, starting of course with the “inventor of the internet” urban legend. I suppose I could just stop there really.

Anthony belittles Gore’s planned YouTube-like venture, declares everything Gore has done is a failure, and posts a YouTube video that mocks “crowdsourcing”. But isn’t that the only thing that denialist leaders do; coax as many people as possible to join their ignorant chorus?

Al Gore says “Denialists in Denial”

Al Gore says “Denialists in Denial”. Anthony Watts shows what a big man he is by comparing himself to Al Gore (or “Al, Baby” as he respectfully calls him). Apparently WUWT has a higher “rank” than algore.com does according to alexa.com. These kinds of web statistics are widely understood as meaningless, especially when comparing websites with different purposes such as Anthony’s frenzied argument and Gore’s policy-orientation.

Of course most of Al Gore’s activity is through altogether separate websites such as The Alliance for Climate Protection, The Climate Project, Live Earth and An Inconvenient Truth. He’s also read nation-wide and a popular public speaker. But Anthony’s paranoid-obsessive readers give him way more “hits”.

Anthony’s adolescent outburst is a lame attempt to move the focus away from both Al Gore’s criticism of denialist Richard Lindzen’s dishonest op-ed in the Wall Street Journal and Gore’s link to The Atlantic’s Marc Ambinder dismantling of the same.

Quote of the week #34: NASA doubts climate model certainty

Quote of the week #34: NASA doubts climate model certainty“. Anthony Watts wants you to believe that because a NASA pamphlet from 1998 is not “completely certain” about Global Warming, they must now be taking orders from the secret Al Gore gubmint. It’s called science, Anthony. Better data, better understanding, better conclusions. Is that a difficult concept?

It’s the denialist mind that is frozen in time and unable to process new information. That’s why they’re called denialists.

Anthony’s also jumping onto this month’s denialist theme that “historic temperatures can be modeled with a constant linear trend + a 60 year cycle.” Too bad they can’t actually explain the correlation, too bad the correlation doesn’t persist, too bad the “constant linear trend” is up (what’s behind that I wonder).

Gore associate said to be named in brewing ethics scandal

Gore associate said to be named in brewing ethics scandal“. Anthony Watts is excited that a Republican operative is promising a scandalous revelation about a Gore Obama associate on talk radio today.


Surprising documents made available to this author reveal that Assistant Secretary of Energy Cathy Zoi has a huge financial stake in companies likely to profit from the Obama administration’s “green” policies.

Those “surprising documents”? Disclosure forms submitted by Zoi when she was hired by the Department of Energy. Ooooh, good sleuthing.

Not a joke: Gore’s “Inconvenient Youth”

Not a joke: Gore’s “Inconvenient Youth” Anthony Watts ‘subtly’ alludes to the Hitler Youth when talking about a training program called “Inconvenient Youth” that Al Gore’s Alliance for Climate Protection has initiated.

Just a copy and paste of the press release with a few poorly thought-out comments appended, like this sneer about a vegetable oil-powered VW seen in a video clip. It “still produces CO2 when the oil is burned.” The difference, of course, is that vegetable oil is carbon neutral because it is derived from a component (plants!)of the active carbon cycle. CO2 released by coal or petroleum has been sequestered from the carbon cycle for millions of years.

Oh and don’t buy Apple products, because Al Gore is on their Board of Directors!