Discrepancies In Sea Ice Measurements

Discrepancies In Sea Ice Measurements. Steven Goddard returns for the second time today to prove, via Photoshop, that climatologists are tricking us. The National Snow and Ice Data Center (NSIDC) and Danish Meteorological Institute (DMI) Arctic Sea Ice Extent plots aren’t identical!!!!!

Because they use different modeling techniques that have different break points for ice/not ice. So what?

Of course Steven is really trying to avoid talking about Arctic Sea Ice Volume, which is much less useful for sowing denialist confusion. We’ll stick with extent though and post this image for Steven to chew on:

Average monthly Arctic Sea Ice Extent trend since 1979. Source: NSIDC.

Cold snap freezes South America – beaches whitened, some areas experience snow for the first time in living memory

Cold snap freezes South America – beaches whitened, some areas experience snow for the first time in living memory“. Anthony Watts wants us to know it’s cold somewhere (Chile) according to denialist website ICECAP, so everyone can ignore the reports that 2010 is so far the hottest year ever globally.

He prefixes the stupid with a disclaimer of sorts, but expects his readers to swallow the thing.

From the “weather is not climate” department, more chilling news from the southern hemisphere.

After all, Global Warming must mean that everything warms up all at once, right?

NOAA’s Jan-Jun 2010 Warmest Ever: Missing Data, False Impressions

NOAA’s Jan-Jun 2010 Warmest Ever: Missing Data, False Impressions“. Anthony Watts finds more denialist whining (by “Alan”) about the NOAA’s recent summary of 2010 global temperatures. Apparently “NOAA performs manipulations to create false impressions”. Also, how dare those scientists not space their temperature recording stations evenly across the planet!

I love how Anthony’s been sucked into Steven Goddard’s losing game of magnifying summary illustrations and arguing over the colour of each pixel. It’s a dunce’s game.

Perfect place for a thermometer in Oz

Perfect place for a thermometer in Oz“. Australia’s local cranks are an intense bunch, which means a warm, if tiny, welcome for visitor Anthony Watts’ obsessive ignorance. What deep new knowledge has Anthony gained from his international travels?

Well Anthony can always find a weather station to complain about and there will always be reports of “cold weather” somewhere. Also the Australian government, for presumably contemptible bureaucratic reasons, hates deceased American photographer Ansel Adams (commercial photographers need permission and must pay a fee to photograph in Commonwealth reserves, aka national parks).

Poudre River Sets A Record

Poudre River Sets A Record“. Steven Goddard wants us to know that a flooding river in Colorado is proof that last winter was cold. Therefore there has been no Global Warming. Thanks for settling that once and for all Steven!

Oh, wait. We don’t rely on local short-term weather patterns to understand climate trends, do we?

Where the !@#$% is Svalbard’s Weather Station?

Where the !@#$% is Svalbard’s Weather Station?” Anthony Watts loves to nit-pick over weather-stations, and Willis Eschenbach’s complaint about Svalbard has re-awakened his interest.

Here’s some more Urban Heat Island whining based on almost complete ignorance to convince you that Global warming is fake:

Look at the Urban Heat! And it's on an island! Source: WUWT

Whatever happened to Anthony’s shocking revelation that the surface temperature record was totally wrong? Hmmm. In the comments Anthony assaults a commenter with “shut your pie hole“, and promises “Just wait till my paper comes out.

Hyperventilating on Venus

Hyperventilating on Venus“. More juicy idiocy from Steve Goddard! I’m starting to love this guy. Steve is pondering why Venus is so hot. First he tells us that Carl Sagan, who popularized the concept of the ‘runaway greenhouse effect’, smoked marijuana. Next he tells us that sunlight doesn’t reach the surface of Venus because of thick clouds. Then that Venus is twice as reflective as Earth. So why is Venus hot? “Because it has an extremely high atmospheric pressure“! Not because of the 96% CO2 atmosphere blocking re-radiation. Not because it receives twice the solar radiation as Earth. He must be right, because weirdo Lubos Motl agrees with him

End of story. Well… not really. This is stupid on several levels but time is short so I’ll just point you to Tamino’s Open Mind blog for some quick insight.

I’ll note that Steve inadvertently admits that “Each doubling of CO2 increases temperatures by 2-3C.” Stay on message Steve!

Sun’s magnetics coming alive again

Sun’s magnetics coming alive again“. The Sun’s geomagnetic activity has ticked upwards after about five years of general decline. Anthony Watts wants denialist followers to think that this is a reason to expect global cooling. Just wait a bit longer… It’s coming, really!

ISES Solar Planetary Index 2010/05/04

New ground truth: soil microbe negative feedback

New ground truth: soil microbe negative feedback“. Another month, another “game-changer” claim from Anthony Watts. Yes the denialist “game” does indeed keep changing.

In this case, Anthony has found a press release from the University of California, Irvine titled Soil microbes produce less atmospheric CO2 than expected with climate warming. Here’s a quote that sums up the findings:

The new simulations suggest that if microbial efficiency declines in a warmer world, carbon dioxide emissions will fall back to pre-warming levels, a pattern seen in field experiments. But if microbes manage to adapt to the warmth – for instance, through increased enzyme activity – emissions could intensify.

Fungi to the rescue! We’re saved, Anthony! Saved! Saved… Saved?

Anthony’s grasping at straws again. Yes, microbial contributions to the carbon cycle are significant. No, their potentially steady-state contribution isn’t going to magically offset human CO2 production.

Next “game-changer” coming in… one month.

Earth gives us an Earth Day present: Arctic sea ice is highest for this date in 9 years

Earth gives us an Earth Day present: Arctic sea ice is highest for this date in 9 years“. An “Earth Day” post from Anthony Watts. Apparently the planet loves us polluting it, so it’s laid on some extra Arctic sea ice as a token of its affection (on one interpretation anyway). Well actually the Arctic sea ice is still less than “normal”, but it’s something right?

Weather is not climate Anthony, this sea ice is residual from the unusual Arctic cold snap in March. Also half-wit humor is not science, although it is entertaining to watch the attempt.

Earth Day must be quite galling for Anthony and his buddies, they have a deep resentment of environmental activism. Don’t tell them what to do!

By the way, did you know that Earth Day is also Lenin’s birthday? Anthony’s readers all do…