Red Faces At The Met Office

Red Faces At The Met Office. Yes, the UK was in the midst of an unexpected snowstorm just before Christmas 2010, with big impacts on air travel. But Anthony Watts wants you to know that the “Global Warming Policy Foundation” thinks that every weather forecast that isn’t 100% correct is an embarrassment for the UK Met Office. Even more-so for long-term weather projections which are, somehow, politically motivated. They’re easier, right?

Wait, does the expression 20% chance of rain mean something? Or should we be hanging on the pronouncements of an Irish postman? Everyone complains about the weather, but nobody does anything about it…

The “Global Warming Policy Foundation” is just taking cheap potshots at and misrepresenting a professional service that deals in a field where pinpoint accuracy is nearly impossible. Dirty pool.

Want some science with that? Try Real Climate’s discussion of this never-ending denialist talking point.

Wow, that’s a lot of water – major rainfall in SoCal

Wow, that’s a lot of water – major rainfall in SoCal. Anthony Watts tells us that December 14-21, 2010 was a wet week in California. So all concerns about Lake Powell drying out because of Global Warming can be discarded.


Rain! Global Drying will never happen now!


A Fertilizer Trading Market?

A Fertilizer Trading Market?” Anthony Watts uses a University of Maryland report on agricultural practices to smear the failed Chicago Climate Exchange and mutter about governments trying to control the lives of Americans.

From the Multiple Ecosystem Markets in Maryland report:

The researchers conclude that setting up a “trading market,” where farmers earn financial incentives for investing in eco-friendly techniques, would result in a double environmental benefit – reducing fertilizer run-off destined for the Chesapeake Bay, while at the same time capturing carbon dioxide headed for the atmosphere.

Of course howling “bullshit” is the closest Anthony comes to critical thought, so it must be hard for him to resist.

The Improving State of the World

The Improving State of the World. Indur Goklany’s back to tell us that his new think-tank book explains how we can grow our way out of any problem. Free trade solves everything! And the more energy we use the better. Just look at the numbers for the “objective measurement of human well-being”! And that’s the end of the tunnel up there, not an on-coming train.

Goklany’s thesis is true if you think getting ready for the weekend is long-range planning, but its classic think-tank myopia. It also feeds into Anthony Watts’ theme that the crypto-communist greenies are trying to force us to live in caves eating raw potatoes.

Wasted Opportunities

Wasted Opportunities. Thomas Fuller steps up to the plate for Anthony Watts again. He thinks it’s a shame that so much effort has gone into renewable energy sources: solar, wind and biofuels (no love for hydro or tidal?). We should be using cogeneration! Ah, if only we all lived beside a power plant.

Oh, wait, we are using cogeneration! 7% of energy in the US, even more in some Scandinavian countries. So, Thomas’ point is what exactly? Use more somehow? He also claims cogeneration “gets little attention from environmentalists”, but doesn’t really put much effort into the accusation. This post is just Fuller filler.

A new must read paper: McKitrick on GHCN and the quality of climate data

A new must read paper: McKitrick on GHCN and the quality of climate data“. Economics professor Dr. Ross McKitrick of the University of Guelph has performed a comprehensive review of the GHCN surface and sea temperature data set! It’s published in… Oh, it’s a vanity publication by his denialist friends at The Global Warming Policy Foundation.

Anthony Watts’ associates keep trying to repackage the accusation that the temperature data sets are untrustworthy and hence there is no Global Warming, but they can never make it stick. This time McKitrick even tries to slide in a few “Climategate” e-mails for support. Let’s look at the two excerpts that Anthony posts:

1.2.3. Growing bias toward lower latitudes – This actually biases against warming. McKitrick tries to float the idea that “this implies less and less data are drawn from remote, cold regions and more from inhabited, warmer regions.” In fact it’s well established that the warming anomaly is more pronounced at higher latitudes. Either McKitrick is uninformed or he’s trying to mislead readers.

2.4. Conclusion re. dependence on GHCN – Another canard from Ross, claiming that “All three major gridded global temperature anomaly products rely exclusively or nearly exclusively on the GHCN archive”. Guess what? There aren’t large overlapping collections of weather stations around the world. What climatologists interested in historical temperature trends do is select stations from the larger group that meet their analytical requirements. Good morning Rip Van Winkle.

Botanist claims to overturn established ocean phytoplankton theory – cites global warming as a concern for new theory

Botanist claims to overturn established ocean phytoplankton theory – cites global warming as a concern for new theory. Whew. Anthony Watts can sleep again. Global warming has been disproved! Again. Somehow. In a paper by an Oregon State University botanist (Abandoning Sverdrup’s critical depth hypothesis on phytoplankton blooms). So Anthony instinctively copies and pastes the press release.


Eurekalert has a press release about Dr. Behrenfeld’s research, which suggests that phytoplankton blooms occur at a greater range of depths and seasonal than previously recognized. Well that settles it!

Uh oh, Anthony didn’t even understand the for-dummies press release:

The critical depth hypothesis would suggest that a warmer climate would increase ocean productivity. Behrenfeld’s new hypothesis suggests the opposite.